Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drawings of Statues

I went to Italy a year ago and it was amazing! Art everywhere. And lots of statues. Which meant random naked bodies to draw. This first drawing is a statue of Neptune in the Palazzo Bargello, the oldest Palazzo in Florence. The museum was sort of a side trip for me, but it yielded a huge collection of Donatello. In the lobby was this massive sculpture of Neptune, and sketching it allowed me to rest my feet for a few minutes. The pencil line didnt show up great in the scan so I've tweaked the color balance on this significantly.

The second drawing is a statue by Bandinelli that stands opposite Michelangelo's David on the steps of the Palazzo Vecch
io in the main piazza of Florence. The statue depicts Hercules defeating Cacus. It's kind of a funny statue in that Cacus seems more upset that Hercules has his junk right in his face rather that being clubbed.

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