Monday, July 6, 2009

In my day words didn't matter...we had FACES!!!!!

One of the best lines from Sunset Boulevard.  And I figured that if I lead in with a joke it will make the fact that I draw people when they aren't looking at me a little less creepy.  Yes, I'm the weird artist who sits in the corner and doesn't talk to anyone, but will turn crimson and look away when you make eye contact.   Sorry, just the way it is.  The rounded edges of the drawings are from my PM (pretentious Moleskine) 

This was a flight attendant when I went to Italy.  He was much bitchier than I drew him.

These two were cafe boys.  It's tricky to get proportioning/expression correct when you can't actually just stare at someone...and when they won't hold still.  So the boy above suffers from a small head (and weirdly elvish ears) and below needs his eyes to be spread a few centimeters wider.   

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